Energetic Restoration Sessions

pexels-photo-266429.jpegHow much energy do you have? This is the most relevant question posed in today’s world. Restoring your energetic and spiritual systems enables you to access the energy you need to activate the full spectrum of human ability.

Recreating your vertical alignment gains you your own connection to the energy that keeps your body safe, effective and fully charged.

The energetic system encapsulates the physical body. This system is comprised of structured energy that forms a human template that delivers and distributes source energy and earth energy to our physical body which maintains and informs our consciousness and physicality.

Learning to understand this structural system, how it works and how it can be wounded is paramount to understanding how it  heals.

During these sessions, I work with clients one on one to target their energetic challenges and create an understanding of how to manage their energetic system using tools I have used in my twelve years of experience learning about and healing my own energy body that have resolved these situations.

We discuss how and why your system has been injured and how it can be successfully healed. Teaching you methods, tools and strategies for managing your energy in front of situations that may create discord and wounding. We will discuss what obstacles obstruct your ability to feel clear, calm and insightful and how to remove them.

Working within your energy system and understanding the relationship between the spiritual, energetic and physical aspects of your personal domain can lead to profound perceptual, conscious and physical shifts.

Restoring your energy body and learning to manage your energy is both a mechanical and yet a highly intuitive experience. Developing the clairvoyant human ability to perceive this field of energy enhances the experience of being human and creates a new paradigm of understanding of what it means to be human. The whole and complete human has freedom of choice. Removing energy that is not yours and restoring your energetic structures seems to enable your body to do what it was made to do and can activate the higher functions of being human.

I think you will find this approach unique and unlike anything else. I have been a pioneer in the development of this information as my personal experience for ten years. I offer these sessions and workshops to share that experience.

Energy Body Coaching Sessions are available in office and remotely by phone:

One hour session -140.