Time Well Spent

Autumn Greetings!IMG_1105

Spending time, spending money, spending energy, spending attention….

Each year for as long as I can recall, I have committed myself in some way or another to “spending” part of me to discover more of me.

Each course of study, whether it be in the study of myself as an artist,visionary, spiritual seeker, wounded warrior or whatever was calling to me at the time, unfolded parts of my being in a way that I could never have recognized prior to the “spending”.

Last week, I “spent” again. I showed up fully for the second week of the 2015 Shared Wisdom Continuum with Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall and the unfolding of myself happened again with many awe struck Aha moments and will probably keep unfolding until the group meets again in May 2016.

What I realized was that all that “spending” I did through the years was not just mine. It belongs to everyone. All the tools learned, the growth, the self realization, the healing has to be shared. Because no one can grow alone and no one grows if we don’t all grow.

So my offering is to share. Many of my clients have already spent time with me in this way. They are already aware of the value of this sort of “spending”.

Introducing Time Well Spent Sessions:

These are soul development and energetic repair sessions.  Included in these sessions are tools for conscious development and instruction on connecting to your personal spiritual teacher and guidance. Personal healing and repair will also be addressed. In addition we will take a look into whatever is on your radar that draws your attention or concern. These sessions are about your personal discovery and give basis and clear direction for personal unfolding…growing into the full embodiment known as “You”. These sessions are offered live or remotely via telephone.

Offerings will include:

Personal Sessions: for self growth and healing

Group Sessions: for families, friends or buisness groups. Understanding the energetic dynamics of groups, building spiritual rapport with others and creating harmony.

For further information or to book an appointment please see the Offerings page on my website or message me via FB.

Please consider “spending ” on your self development any way that calls you. The results are phenomenal as you build spiritual momentum in the seeking to know yourself.

My Aloha


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