Another Wild Idea

Today I woke up and had another Wild Idea!1044531_10151524768572358_420956879_n

Change is the theme of my life right now. Every moment bursts forth new thoughts, fresh views and wild ideas.

When I retired from Bliss two weeks ago, I was led by my internal Spirit Teacher to follow that said Bliss into the realm of artist, teacher, Shamanist…so what next?

The last few days I spent disassembling my place of business. I’ve spent days wondering what and where the next phase would take place….then, like I said, I woke up this morning with the wild idea of translating the wonderful space known as Bliss into my new studio, Wild Idea. A space where wild ideas can be explored, created, taught, shared and expanded!

Thus, Wild Idea Studio is born! Visitors with Visions Encouraged! Come by and check it out…will be re-opening November 1st….



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