Sheri’s Wild Ideas

Creating a Wild New World Story.

Yesterday I reached out to the world to announce the inception of1044531_10151524768572358_420956879_n Wild Idea Studio. One of the Wild Ideas that has come about is this blog page. Blogging every morning is one way of noticing what is coming out of my journeying. Sharing it publicly hopefully opens a dialog with others that will promote other Wild Ideas. Wild ideas were once shunned and considered dangerous. Thinking outside the box was limited to poets and artists.

I have noticed that Wild Ideas are being born in very significant ways recently. Canadians have invested in a very Wild Idea by electing a young, dynamic new PM. We are seeing movements in this country springing up that support change in ways that are considered very Wild, progressive and heart centered. It appears we are beginning to implement Wild Ideology to create a new world story.

Consider today coming up with one new Wild Idea. Let it take root, inspire you, challenge you, open you..then set it into motion. Share it.

No one creates a new world story without everyone else..we create it every moment and it is building the future.

Have a Wild day!



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