Sheri’s Wild Idea for Oct. 26,2015

Overcoming the fear of change. 300x300

This morning I was reading The Bowl Of Light  by Hank Wesselman and contemplating the insights of Hale Makua, the great Hawaiian spiritual leader. His teachings suggest that all of nature and human creations exist within a polarity which describes a range rather than a judgement between negatives and positives.

As I sat sipping my coffee, I was thinking through his suggestion that stability is the positive aspect in relation to balance, which holds the negative aspect. I would not have considered these two words in relationship to one another in this way. Contemplating the circumstances under which these two words would meet in this way, lead me to a new understanding of how change can be met.

I have always considered the word stable to mean something fixed with no motion to it. I think this is a common assumption in our Western world. For instance, we consider ourselves to have “stable employment” when we have no reason to expect a change. And,I have considered balance to mean something that has achieved a flexible but fixed state, that which is also still and not moving. Such as, finding a “nice balance” between our work and play. So,how could these two concepts be polar?

As I thought about it, a wheel came to mind. It takes the least amount of energy to stay upright at the center or hub of the wheel. It is a stable place with a concentrated amount of energy but has the least amount of momentum. While the edge requires much more energy to stay upright and hang on to but provides a great deal of momentum.  Hmmm, now I was able to see the polarity between these two words by applying this to my idea of change. If I want to do something new I have to walk out a little ways on the wheel, which takes an expenditure of energy to gain some momentum but that requires balance. If I stay to close to the center, I keep my energy concentrated, but there is no momentum.. if walk to far away from my center, to much momentum develops and I get flung off course

I think the greatest stumbling block of change is fear. Understanding the polarity between stability and balance is very useful for overcoming the fear of change.



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