Sheri’s Wild Idea for October 27, 2015

Bowl of LightThe power of clear intention. When I make a very clear intention, I have noticed I get very clear results. Why?

I think it relates to yesterdays topic on polarity. As opposites,a positive and a negative represent a range that is natural to the world as we know it and everything in our natural world is ruled by this. Day/night, cold/hot, feminine/masculine, etc.As such,positive and negative are not synonymous with good and bad.

When creating, an intention will fall somewhere within this range. The language we use (whether spoken or as thought) will determine which end of this spectrum of positive to negative we will be creating our intention on. For instance, a clear intention spoken with language on the positive end of this range, will land the outcome on the positive end of this spectrum. Such as, I intend to create peace within my family by showing respect for everyone’s viewpoint and listening. But stated in the negative, this same intention might be, I intend to stop the fighting in my family with whatever discipline is necessary. Both may get similar looking results, but certainly not for the same reasons nor will the outcome be the same.

I propose that when taking up a cause, we consider what effect our language will have on our desired results. During the Vietnam war, Mother Theresa was criticized for not making herself available to anti-war rallies. She maintained that she would, however, participate in any Peace Rally. She considered taking up a cause based in the negative polarity would only result in continued conflict, even if it produced short term results.She stated that holding the intention of peace was a stronger, more lasting position. She was demonstrating her understanding of the impact of the polarities while creating intention.

Our western society has been creating with the premise that negative and positive represent good and bad. By creating from that premise, we cast our intentions through judgement. Considering these differences are helping me to create clearer intentions with more thought to the outcome. They also make a clearer statement when I am asking help from the spiritual realms.

My teacher Jill Kuykendall mentioned that she sometimes will sit down and spend time forming  “exquisite questions” to ask of her inner spiritual teachers…I love it!



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