Sheri’s Wild Idea for October 28, 2015

1044531_10151524768572358_420956879_nWe had a wonderful turn out for last nights Journey Circle with some returning and others joining. We scheduled the next meeting for November 17,  6-7:30PM. We will be meeting from now on at my new studio, Wild Idea. Same location as Bliss, 130 Forest St. Suite B, Courthouse Square (between Angela’s Beads And Kelly’s Fitness Gym) on the landing.
For the last 4 months this circle has served the purpose of introducing many to Shamanic Journeying.
I am now proposing a New Circle form. In order to progress and deepen in the understanding of Journeying, a group committed to attending on a monthly basis must form. This group will be open to anyone interested in furthering there exploration of The Shamanic Journey and are willing to commit to the Circle. We will start this group with a one day intensive. Then we will meet once a month. Every 6 months we will have another one day intensive. Each one day intensive will include teachings and several journeys that will build a platform of understanding. A reading list will be provided to give you a basis for furthering your knowledge of Shamanism. Personal journeying will deepen your unfolding between group meetings. There will be a $40. per person fee for the Intensives. The monthly meetings will continue at no charge.
I am asking for those interested in joining this Circle to please email  or message me and we will gather as a group initially to discuss the details  further.

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