Sheri’s Wild Idea for October31, 2015

Celebrating the Natural World today, I am reflecting on all that is considered “real” to me. This day, known in this age as Halloween, signifies for mBowl of Lighte a coming together of the natural worlds, seen and unseen.

Some make merry, don costumes, have parties. Children “trick or treat” celebrating their freedom to choose between mischief or a sweet feast. Some carve the beacon of autumn harvest into an lighted artwork, set outside to scare away the creatures of the dark through illumination. Some cower inside and thump their tomes, afraid of the very idea of such a holiday.

Interesting isn’t it? What determines “real”?

When I am faced with making a determination of something or someone and I have a knee jerk reaction that wants to blurt out, I realize I’m probably demonstrating a learned behavior, attitude or belief, or even a wound. When I notice myself urged toward that type of reaction, I have learned to pause and take a couple of steps backwards before responding. In those moments I ask myself, “Really?” Is that my experience? Is that real to me?

Someone I hold in esteem once made the statement, “It was real to me” when asked about an experience he had had. Wow! He was not claiming it as truth for all, just him. He wasn’t insisting I believe him. He was stating his personal understanding and truth of himself. Yours may be different, was the implication.

Pondering this statement sparked the first clue in learning to discern the difference between a personal revelation and a learned belief.  I began to realize I probably didn’t really know my self very well, if at all. So many times I realized I hadn’t any experience with whatever it was I was considering. Mostly, I realized, my opinions, thoughts and actions were based on others versions of the situation.

Considering how to determine “real” in this way has lead me down a very long rabbit-hole of self inquiry. At times along the way, I have stumbled on confusion and blocks. I know that if I ask for help it will show up. Sometimes from the seen world, friends, family, teachers and healers will appear. Sometimes from the unseen world, my spirit teachers and guidance, healing energies and insights will appear. Never telling me what to believe or interpreting who I am, but nudging me along ,sharing their personal stories of what is real to them, explaining tools they have used and giving their Aloha.

This day I celebrate the Natural World, all that is, all that ever has been, and all that ever will be.



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