Sheri’s Wild Idea for November 3, 2015

So here is a really wild idea! After thinking about the difference between the amazing Bowl of Lightspaces that are created when groups come together with the intention of broadening their personal understanding of themselves and that which we usually return home to that is considered “normal” space, my family has decided to make our home a “Positive Polarity Space”.

That does not mean a place where we don our “happy,happy” hats and pretend that the world doesn’t have it’s problems and we aren’t confused and cycling with those dilemmas.

It means, we have dedicated our home as a place where we will attempt to observe ourselves and our conversations within the positive polarity. Remembering that polarity is a range, not a judgement. That is, if a problem or challenge is met with the positive range of spectrum, it is more likely to be resolved within this same range of the spectrum.

Now we realize that sometimes the negative range will come into play. We are humans living within a world operating much of the time within the negative polarities. So, we have made a pact that if we discover that our individual thoughts or we,conversationally, have moved into the negative polarity, we will literally “take it outside”. By doing this simple act, we keep our home space in the positive polarity and that provides us one place in the world everyday that we know will support us positively. And, taking our negatives outside gives a chance to stand within the natural world and ask it’s support to help us turn our thoughts or conversations back toward the positive polarity. We have agreed that who ever notices that the negative polarity has slipped into our conversations, will suggest respectfully, that we take it outside.We each have vowed to take responsibility for our individual thoughts and send ourselves out for a walk when appropriate.

The positive and negative life roles described by Hawaiian Elder, Hale Makua  in the book Bowl of Light by Hank Wesselman  describe the choices I have when relating to myself and others and I am utilizing these as a basis for my new plan to create a Positive Polarity Space, known affectionately as home.

Positive/ Negative

The server: service/ bondage

The artist: creation/ deception

The warrior: persuasion/ coercion

The scholar: knowledge/ theory

The sage: expression/ oration

The priest/priestess/healer: The compassion/ zeal

The chief/ king/ queen: self mastery/ tyranny

Positive Polarity Space = Sacred Space



2 Replies to “Sheri’s Wild Idea for November 3, 2015”

  1. Thank You Sheri for “Positively Living” within a sacred and positive polarity space called “home”…..sooooooooo grateful for your “wild & wise” insights ….love, samkaia


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