Sheri’s Wild Idea for November 9, 2015

I was taken on quite a voyage last night in my dream time. One of those real game changers. Asking for clarity will often result in some real eye openers. The question? Why is it so difficult to stay in the positive polarity? 1044531_10151524768572358_420956879_n

I have done much work, I thought, to get to know myself in front of society. I know the difference between the positive and the negative…don’t I? Well, since I’m finding it so difficult to stay in the positive,apparently, I know this only as theory. This sent me into fits of wry laughter…theory being the negative polarity of knowledge.

So okay, I’ve worked a lot of patterns that hold me hostage to the great world view of myself. I’ve suffered out some gut wrenching, illusion breaking truths. I’ve studied, worked, wrestled some big chit to the ground…. but suddenly…a dream comes along and I realize all that barely scratches the surface. Holy cow!

So what was revealed? Amakua my Higher Self, my individual spiritual essence, my connection to Source, at the center of my spiritual, mental, physical self, is buried out of site in almost all of my current reality. How’s that for clarity…any more questions? The reality describing my world is created almost exclusively outside of the influence of my Amakua. Past the theoretical understanding, this knowing leads right to the root of my suffering. The digging I’ve done to rediscover myself has resulted in glimpses of aloha, joy, creativity… knowledge, safety and compassion. But where is the whole enchilada? Not moments, but all the freaking time?

The other day, I saw a photo on FB that read, “A wise woman once said ‘Fuck this shit’, and lived happily ever after.” In my dream, my Amakua, sent me that message once again as the answer to my inquiry, why is it so difficult to stay in the positive polarity…what a sense of humor! A negative statement at first glance..but I realized that calling myself out…saying to my false reality, OK enough.. I have had enough…is exactly what it will take to start to create from the positive polarity and start living my own life. Changing up the game. Going for the Real Deal!



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