Sheri’s Wild Idea for November 13, 2015

I’ve been hanging out a lot in my stud10155976_736660923051075_2423083579621708360_nio, Wild Idea, my laboratory for manifesting  Wild Creations Co-Constructed With Love.

The fun thing about being this sort of artisan is that all creative urges can take form. The creative spirit bursts forth, turning time into a stream of ecstatic play. What is known as My Work, is but another day of being In Love With Life. Expression as the sheer joy of seeing what my Spirit wants to convey.

But, if you play long enough as a fledgling creator, these manifestations start to push you out of your space, lining the walls, setting on every counter and jumbling up the place.

So what to do with all this bulky self expression? How about offering it up to others?

It seems in our current consensus reality, everything starts with the internet. Okay sure…a store in which to offer these magnificent renditions of the unique human creative spirit, known in this case as Another Wild Idea, to the world at large. Sounds simple enough.

But Whoa! It’s not…what an ordeal! It’s complex, time consuming and nearly overwhelming! I’ve spent days pouring over the how-to’s, the formulas, the research, the configuring.

And all of the sudden…my light went out…POOF! Sudden blackness…no more creativity. Blanketed in the dense field of business I began to think “…this isn’t worth doing.. I must be crazy..why bother?”.. this field began to suck the creative soul right out of my body. Spiraling down a worm hole, snuffing my dream. What the????

But last night, I began to hear a small persistent voice saying to me…Pull away the dense, black covering…expose this conundrum to the light, like a photograph, develop a clearer reality..let it unfold…allow a re- enchantment of your dream to form. Trust. Trust the bigger picture. Trust creates the way back to a sane world. Trust.Trust.Trust. Go back to your virtual store…and create.There is no formula.There is no success.There are no limits. This new business is based on Trust. What a Wild Idea!



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