Sheri’s Wild Idea For December 1, 2015

Home from vacation. A grand adventure. Leaving the space called home, to explore somewhere else, always seems to give me a new perspective on that which may have become wedged into a little tight spot in the ever changing Now. 10155976_736660923051075_2423083579621708360_n

Where I live, I rarely travel more than a mile or two in a day. Sometimes by foot, other times by car, but rarely over 40 miles an hour. I’ll venture out and take a trip to the big town an hour or so away once or twice a month. And every couple of months, I may speed down the interstate for a day or two, taking up with civilization for a short stretch. It shakes things up a bit.

But when the journey includes flying through the air at 600MPH, well that’s when the adventure begins. Moving through time and space that quickly is very new to the human experience and has profound effect.  And we are the only species on the planet that has mastered this strange skill. We take it for granted, of course, now that it’s part of our daily collective life. But to me, it’s like a time travel machine. I start in one place, seat myself, wait a bit and then exit into a completely new perspective. Out of this amazing device walks a whole new version of me, a new world and even sometimes a different time.

To my amazement, inner travel and outward travel has come to be the same experience. While most days I don’t put on many miles, I do journey to the inner realms. A symbolic place out of time and space, where everything is guided by synchronicity, has meaning and has something to tell me. It’s new with every visit. It gives me new perspective and fills my life with a sense of freshness and wonder.

The result of these inner journeys have changed my vacationing. Now, when I get off that plane, it seems everything is there waiting just for me to arrive, each new person I encounter or experience I have with the world seems to be guiding me in some way, has something to tell me and magic is just around the corner.

Life is a wonder, inside and out!





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