Sheri’s Wild Idea for December 10,2015

Manifesto of Wild Statements…add to the list your Wildest Statements!

Wild Statement #1

I am a walking, talking Goddess capable of extraordinary super human powers. 10155976_736660923051075_2423083579621708360_n

Wild Statement #2

My body is the end result of a giant web of

Spiritual Beings formed to express my personal uniqueness.

Wild Statement #3

I have access to all the information in the Universe through my heart.

Wild Statement #4

Any limits I have set on myself are lies.

Wild Statement #5

Nothing needs to be perfect. Perfect already is.

Wild Statement #6

LOVE is all there is. Everything else is insanity.

Wild Statement #7

I wake up every morning because I expect to. But my dream is constant.

Wild Statement #8

Playing with my creative forces comes with responsibility.

Wild Statement #9

The Earth is a Goddess, same as me.

Wild Statement #10

The Earth has things to tell me if I listen.

Wild Statement #11

Every creature, plant and organic form on the planet is conscious.

Wild Statement #12

Original is a form of the word Origin. Everything original comes from the Origin.

Wild Statement #13

I am a funnel filled with Original Ideas.

Wild Statement #14

There is never a lack.

Wild Statement #15

Real is constant

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