Sheri’s Wild Idea, January 1, 2016


Another Wild Idea…Joyous New Year! Most would agree it comes at just the right time…end of the holiday season! Every year end brings me insight on how I’ve been doing in the Authenticity department. For me, there is no better time for that particular pop quiz. Face to face with staying real..veering off..sliding toward obligation…righting myself…swaying into “Nice Lady”…righting myself…feels a bit steadier than last years holidays. Foundation must be getting a little more formidable…whew…finally.

And then, all of a sudden,  New Year is born! I have to admit, it came in on a tempest..all indicators pointing due West!  And it feels more slack…Accountability seems to be this years theme!

Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, states in his book, Being and Vibration “ The West is the direction of the physical. The reason everything became physical is because it wanted to become the concrete form of calling. Calling was and is the process of awareness coming into being. The West is where we resolve the opposites and the paradoxes, where we find the solution. It is here we come into harmony.”

Tonight I will Journey to the West and ask for insight and guidance for this year to come. I will open to and express my willingness to be all that I can be in this new year. That I may truly understand my purpose and placement. I make this Wild Statement for myself in 2016 …I seek the resolve of opposites so that I can choose. I seek resolve of the paradoxes so that I may see. I seek Harmony so that I may walk with Wisdom.

Happy New Year





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