Sheri’s Wild Idea January 26,2016


FOLLOW INSPIRATION!  One of the strongest Wild Statements I’ve committed to my personal manifesto…over and over inspiration leads me in directions I would never have imagined!!

In October of last year, inspiration and exhaustion lead me to retire from the business I had built over the last few years.  I spent five years enjoying the adventure of building Bliss into a wonderful venue of organic hair and massage services. I had a wonderful following of folks supporting me and embracing the services I offered. Along with this, I had embarked on a course of shamanic study, taught workshops and produced and showed artwork. All of the sudden, I hit the wall!

Realizing I had come to a crossroads, I decided to give myself some time to recoup and renew. I’ve spent the last three months being very kind to myself!  And I took the opportunity to allow another inspiration to unfold. I have built an online shop for my jewelry and art.  What a challenging learning curve! Still in it’s infancy, check it out! …my shop is called Temple of Trust,

It took a lot of trust to make this change when needed…to follow my instinct when I needed to rest and to trust that all would be well. The result was amazing! Renewed…refreshed and really not ready to retire! Sooooo….. the happy news…

I am reopening as Temple of Trust, A Beauty and Truth Laboratory. Same location as Bliss, offering all the salon and massage services you have come to expect but with some fantastic new changes…now featuring O Way, a fabulous Organic line of color, perm and hair care products from Italy. Super pure, incredible color with improved grey coverage, you’ll love the beautiful results!

I would once again appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and will be offering a complimentary O-way deep conditioning hair mask treatment with all services through the end of March.

Introducing a new 40 minute Arthritis Massage Treatment.  I have found an incredible Aryvedic Anti-Inflamatory Bodywork Oil that when applied utilizing a light rhythmic wave like massage technique followed by a short treatment with the Erconia percussor, gives tremendous relief to arthritic like aches and pains with long lasting results. These sessions are offered for $60. I will continue to offer my 60 and 90 minute Shamanic Bodywork Sessions as well.

I am so pleased to be at your service, if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call me at 530-440-9838.

And I hope you will stop in and see me at the new, Temple of Trust! A gorgeous new environment, filled with jewelry, new artwork and LOVE!




2 Replies to “Sheri’s Wild Idea January 26,2016”

  1. Sheri, This is Kit. I met you this evening at Nan’s Full Moon CIrcle. I would love to spend more time, maybe over coffee or a walk learning more about your energy work. I was so very intrigued by your fire work this evening.

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