Being human

The other day, browsing through a quiet little garden shop with friends during a lunch date, I came across a plain, white tote bag with the slogan,”Breathe… or not, I’m just a tote bag” printed on it. Out of me came a startlingly loud bark of laughter.

I decided, then and there, that the highest human version of myself manifests when I take up the wisdom of the tote bag. Breathe, or not…I am just a human. I can love you and share with you what is real to me, my experience, but I can not tell you what is important or right for you, how would I know?

The next gathering at the Peaceful Cottage in Knoxville, TN is on Sunday, Oct 15 from 1:00-5:00PM. This will be the second afternoon workshop describing and experiencing the function and healing of the human energy body.  The energy body surrounds and encompasses the physical form. It is a system that conveys the information that you take in from your source and your surrounding world. Like your physical body, this system can become injured and distorted. The energy that describes you is then distorted by other influences. When this happens, your energy levels drop and you experience a less than authentic version of yourself.

Join us…or not, I am just a human. I’m still chuckling…

You are welcome to attend. For more information contact me through this website or at


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