A Wild New Year!

Wild ideas for 2018             hands

I am excited as I look toward what this year brings. Entering this new space and time working hard to clear energetic patterns that remain stuck in the deepest part of my consciousness. Moving out that which is not mine, claiming my domain, disconnecting from communal patterns that I no longer identify with and most likely never did. Experiencing a deepening sense of freedom. Feeling ripe and ready for a more truthful way of being. Claiming my ability to create life as I imagine it to be. Sculpting life through my own deep magic.

Presenting more classes this winter and on into the year. So much new information coming about. Happy to be passing along what I’ve experienced on this wonderful, wild journey. Loving and totally inspired by those who are attending, showing up for themselves, moving through, clearing out and claiming their own domains, their own unique selves. All working madly to clear, open and expand! Fabulous to make medicine with these rich human beings.

New and exciting wild ideas to expose to the coming spring. There has never been a better time for celebrations! Working madly to create a beautiful group retreat filled with gooey rich experience and creative reconnection to our humanness. Lets go outside! Dive deep into nature! Celebrating the  re-enchantment…loving up this gorgeous playground we live in… AINA, great spirit mother, we love you, we are you, we cherish you!


And, at the Temple of Trust, sculpting madly, wildly, letting the creative juices flow. Creating, spinning, squishing, pinching, moving. Oh! inspiration abounds. Result? Wearable sculptural adornments for the goddesses and angels of light and dark. Rattles, drums, journals, medicine bags, alter pieces, wands….ooohhh just can’t stop and don’t want to!

cropped-cropped-20170513_130359_001.jpgJoin me on the path…let’s create magic together.. ALOHA


Check out events page for classes, workshops and retreats for 2018 at http://www.sheritreadwell.com






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